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Our Values

At Plus4Events, we are focussed on helping event organisers all over the world create events that their attendees really love.

Our aim is to provide a great attendee experience from first booking, through to arriving at your event and then giving you their feedback afterwards. We put you in control and keep you informed at every step along the way.

It's not about us though - we work hard for you behind the scenes and aim to make you look good in the eyes of your attendees, customers and event visitors. That's why you may not have heard of us before, but rest assured that our technology has been the power behind many thousands of sucessful events for nearly 20 years.

We are a company committed to trading in a way that does not damage people or the planet. Our way of doing this is:

  • we work fairly with data entrusted to us
  • we always consider how to use resources in the most efficient way
  • we recycle, repurpose or donate to local charities if we can
  • we choose our supply chain to reflect our values

Staff members are encouraged to spend some time volunteering in their community. So far, we have volunteered in local and national organisations, and it's brought us into contact with some wonderful people. It's something to be recommended.

We are a company that wants to make a difference.

Who we are

Meet our founders

Our founders have a wide range of experience but what makes our company different from others? It's our desire that the Plus4Events contributes to wonderful event experiences by solving your registration and feedback problems, letting you get on with your day.


When he's not swimming, Nigel is a very hands on founder and leads the design ideas. He's responsible for making the apps as user friendly as they can be.

Nigel's very keen on volunteering and has just recently stood down from a major role. He's taking a break before his next volunteering stint.


Teresa is a keen runner and when she's not pounding the local streets, Teresa looks after the customers.

Teresa is passionate about spreading the word about Plus4Events but has also spent time volunteering for a national business support group and Parkrun.

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